Carmel Valley

I have used a number of real estate agents over the years buying and selling properties in various parts of San Diego and my experience with Sergio Poplawsky was by far the best of them all. By a long shot.

We were in the market to buy a house in Carmel Valley during a time when inventory
was low and Sergio stuck with us for over 6 months until we finally found the absolute perfect home at a great price. During that entire time we were making multiple offers per month and having Sergio show us even more houses. He went above and beyond in making the house hunting process easy by being available and responsive through that entire time. Even working around our toddler’s nap and busy work schedules on many occasions.

Aside from having in-depth knowledge about every neighborhood in the area, and being a very hard worker, the thing that impressed us the most was that it became very clear to us that Sergio’s primary and only goal was to make sure we ended up finding the perfect home at a fair price. He was definitely not trying to just turn a quick commision. During the 6+ months that we were searching, there were several times where he talked us down from making higher offers because he didn’t think it was a good deal for various reasons that he would point out to us. At the time it was almost a little weird because there were some properties we were getting excited about. But in hindsight he was absolutely right and we would not have been as happy as we are now if he had let us get carried away and make those higher offers and ended up purchasing one of those houses.

But instead of just collecting a quick and easy commission, he kept with us and kept searching until we finally found what turned out to be exactly the perfect house for us. And when it was clear we had finally found the perfect home, Sergio helped us move very swiftly and aggressively to a great negotiated price.

And throughout the purchase process, escrow, and even after the close of escrow, Sergio continued to make everything go smoothly by staying on top of things and being very responsive and adaptable to our schedules.

If you are looking for an agent to chat your ear off and fill every moment of silence by over-selling every little aspect of each house, then Sergio is probably not for you. But if you want someone who will be your agent in every sense of the word and look out for your best interest above all else, don’t hesitate to give Sergio a call.